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Expert Laser Arts Inc. is a laser technology processing company established by a group of engineers. The company provides laser solutions and concentrates on developing an infinite variety of applications in material processing. Since our company’s inception, our main focus has been to design and build outstanding products with laser intervention for a wide range of uses.

Laser industry continues to be a fast growing segment with immense potential and virtually endless applications extending from precise laser marking to complex 3D models.

Having our core competencies well defined, we add value by offering our customers either standard or customized solutions on an ample list of products and technologies. We support our customers by lending our expertise in the requirement development cycle. Our vision is to continue to expand into innovative technology by leveraging our skills to complement new business segments.

There is so much you can do with laser technology it is boundless and for any creative mind the ideas are truly endless. Have a look at some of the most common uses in laser cutting and engraving applications through our website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, tell us your idea and we’ll evaluate how we can make it happen for you!

Our laser processing services are 24/7 and our production will go through the night to meet your deadlines.

Job Quotes:

We’re different from other laser cutting companies; we understand that different people have different needs. Get a quote directly in relation to the scope of your job. Minimum orders do not apply.

Design / Build consultation and drawing/scanning services:

Do you have difficulty preparing laser artwork ready? Or perhaps do not have the software that is required? Get our expert advice or let us sort it for you.

Undoubtedly our commitment is our customer’s success and satisfaction. We offer competitive pricing, no set up or changeover fees.